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Ask Doug......

QUESTION: What was your favorite stadium to play in?
ANSWER: Believe or not, I always liked to play in The Montreal Forum, even though the Montreal Canadiens played a tough and aggressive game, had a lot of highly skilled players, and won more Stanley Cups during the fifties and sixties than any other team. They had the best ice surface to play on. It was hard and fast and being that my big forte was my skating ability, I liked playing there. I also enjoyed the hockey environment and the enthusiasm of the fans. They knew their hockey as well, and maybe better than anyone else, and they took it very seriously. It was an exciting place to play.

QUESTION: Who was the best player you ever saw play?
ANSWER: That is a question that I am most frequently asked. It is one of the most difficult to answer for at least two reasons. One is that there are three separate and distinct positions involved in playing the game and it is impossible to compare one with the other. The second reason is the game has changed over the years. However, if I had to pick the most dominant, skilled, and consistent performer at his position I would choose: (Goaltender, Dominic Hasek) (Defenseman, Bobby Orr) (Forward, Mario Lemieux.)

QUESTION: What position did you like playing best?
ANSWER: Actually I had fun playing both defense and forward. If the team was doing well, I was happy. My best days were playing on defense with Ferny Flaman in Boston, and playing on left wing on the "Scooter Line" in Chicago with Stan Mikita and Kenny Wharram. blah